Situational Awareness, De-escalation techniques and Fear Management are as important as proper Fighting Skills in order to survive in the streets. Avoiding a physical conflict is without doubt always the best solution. One should focus on staying safe, not on winning a fight!  The first three mentioned skills are an important part of our CRS training- program, which in turn is based on the original Combat Readiness Program developed bij Major Boodram at Trinidad & Tobago, one of the more violent places in the Carribean region, and therefore a sublime experience driven program for Self Defense.   


Circumstances may dictate that you need to defend yourself physically and in that case you should have the proper skills to do so. KRAV MAGA is recognized as the best personal Defense System in the world and you don´t need a Martial Arts background to master it, although being in good shape and being committed will certainly help. Krav Maga Global (KMG) is the world´s leading organization in this field. The Combat Readiness System uses the KMG curriculum as their primary textbook and students can be certified up to level G5. Also elements from other systems can be added to the CRS training when appropriate. 

The Reality-Based Personal Protection Program from Jim Wagner contains crucial knowledge for all Self Defense students. This system covers important tactical elements in cases of an active shooter, bomb threats, street riots, hijack situations and similar. It also provides insights in armed fighting (with knife and firearm) and so defensive shooting tactics, weapon handling and weapon retention will be offered to appropriate students. Third Party Protection is another important element. Because it might be not only you the assaillant is interested in, it might also be your family members or loved ones.   

Where Krav Maga learns you how to immobilize or how to disengage from an assaillant, in case you need to control an assaillant for a certain periode of time, it is neccessary to obtain knowledge how to do so. The One On One Control Techniques (O3CT) program of Steven Jimerfield offers exactly that. Based on certain Jiu-Jitsu techniques, he teaches his students to simply control assaillants till assistance arrives. These techniques are appropriate for Security- and Law Enforcement personel, but also for civilians who might be in need of such techniques. Fair to say: that can be all of us at a certain point in time.

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